Intentional Challenges

Dare yourself to be intentional with these challenges. Be sure to share your experience with the challenges in the “Reply” section below. Also, please suggest your own challenges. Those used will be credited to you.

{Revisit for new challenges}

1. Introduce yourself to each of your professors on the first day of class. If you’re seeing this after the first day of class, do this on your next class day.

2. Read–yes, read–the syllabus for each of your classes. While that may seem challenge enough, there’s more. Share (in person or via email) with each of your professors a sincere positive comment about information or an element in the syllabus. Be sure to clarify why you like, appreciate, find interesting, look forward to, etc. this information or element. If you share via email, put “Syllabus for [enter class here]” in the subject line. It will capture your professors’ attention in his/her overflowing inbox. Students who take the time to read course syllabi are a rare breed indeed. Taking part in this challenge will show your professors that you’re a conscientious and responsible student.

3. Invite 2 or 3 classmates from each of your classes to form a study/accountability group.

4. Express your gratitude to your advisor. You can do this via email or, ideally, in person. Or doubly ideally, send him or her a thank you card. If you haven’t had much interaction with your advisor yet, convey your gratitude for what he/she does for students in general. But be sure to schedule an appointment soon after to talk about your goals and concerns.

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