About the Site

The Intentional Student is dedicated to the development of intentional skills, habits, and attitudes necessary for success in college and beyond. While the site is targeted to students, teachers will find this site a useful resource as well, not only by sharing the information and resources with their students but also via the series of teaching-related posts in the “For Teachers” sidebar menu.

The site contains primarily short blog posts about strategies that students can put into action in and out of the classroom. The site also provides resources to assist in implementing the strategies. As I continue to develop the site, it will become more interactive.

About Me
My name is Melissa Hudler, and I’m an Assistant Professor of English at Lamar University. I specialize in Renaissance literature, ethics and literature, and the health humanities. I am also active in faculty development, particularly concerning student engagement and success. Profile pic_cropped


My Intention
My intention with this site is to address the student struggles I’ve witnessed in my 18 years of teaching at Lamar University. For the past several years, I’ve also worked in faculty development, training my colleagues in effective course design and teaching practices. These roles led me to write a series of posts about teaching. However, I became quite uninspired with this blog because it was just one of a million others, it seemed, on the same subject. To be sure, I wasn’t leveraging my knowledge, skills, and experience to any significant purpose or noticeable value. My intention for public teaching and serving needed to change.

My Re-envisioned Intention
After careful and ongoing reflection, it dawned on me that the non-academic information and support I’ve been giving my students all these years should be the focus of my intention for teaching and serving outside of the classroom. I realized also that what I’ve been teaching my colleagues could also benefit students. Indeed, teaching strategies and the reason for them shouldn’t be “classified” information–for being aware of effective and ineffective teaching practices gives students an informed perspective and certain power that will help them manage expectations and adjust their approach to individual courses when needed.

My Commitment
I am committed to helping students achieve skills, habits, and attitudes of intention. Through my intentional approach to teaching, and life in general, I’ve cultivated such skills, habits, and attitudes. I’ve come to realize that these are portable, meaning that they can be carried to various situations and needs–including learning. Since these skills, habits, and attitudes can be carried into life after college, my commitment transcends your college success.

Are you ready? 

                          Get set. . .

                                             Go intentional!

Do you have a question or a concern you would like to discuss? Please contact me:


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