Goals, Schmoals–Reach for Values

You may have heard many, many times that to be successful, you must set goals. True (okay, so the impression I give about goals in the title is a tad misleading). But to be intentional and to succeed as a person, not just as a student, you need to first set valuesmasks-827729_1280

Your goals should be determined from desirable values, a process that will make your goals more meaningful and ensure their relevance to your life after college. To be sure, your college experience shouldn’t be just about academics. It should lead you to personal growth, as well.

Let’s Get Valuable!

1. Make a list of the values you would like to achieve. Be sure to leave space beneath each value.

2. From these values, determine what academic and personal goals you would like to achieve. List each under their appropriate value(s).

3. Now brainstorm actions, behaviors, habits, resources (like this website!) needed to achieve your goals.

Now you have a value- and goal-based plan for success and personal growth. If you think you might need a complete overhaul to your approach to college, begin that process here and stay tuned to The Intentional Student.


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