Harsh-but Conquerable-Truths about College

Belief: College Degree = Life Success

HARSH TRUTH #1: What you learn in the classroom will not be enough for real-world success. Just ask all those college graduates out there flipping burgers and waiting tables. Actually, don’t ask them. They might blame the job market, which is likely not the whole truth. A lack of intention and professional and relational skills usually bears a good portion of the blame. These skills and quality of character, while not needed to earn a college degree, are needed to overcome troubled times. Why might these unfortunate graduates be oblivious to this lack?

HARSH TRUTH #2: Because these skills and qualities of character necessary for success are typically not part of a college education and, again, aren’t necessary to earn a college degree. A traditional college education provides academic knowledge but doesn’t always teach how to leverage that knowledge and to conduct oneself in a purposeful and professional way in the job market.*

HARSH TRUTH #3: The knowledge you obtain in college isn’t always enough to land you a position in your chosen career field or ensure that you’re successful and capable of advancement in that career. You need to supplement your degree with a defined purpose, professional and relational skills and habits of intention.

As you progress through the semester, you must put equal focus on academic success and personal growth. Your academic success will get you through college, but college success is not your ultimate goal. Life success is, and it takes more than a degree to achieve it.

Are you ready to get intentional?

Excellent! This will get you started.

What harsh truths would you add to this list? 

*Fortunately, this is starting to change, as noted here

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