*HOMESCHOOLERS: I wrote this for my previous website targeted to college students. However the information is relevant also to homelearners who need to evaluate and adjust their approach to learning.  

It’s just about time to head back to college, and you’ll be doing so either confidently, apprehensively, or maybe even begrudgingly. Either way, you’ve already achieved your first win of the semester by going back–congratulations! Why is this a win? Because it shows your dedication, persistence and self-value. You need to recognize these qualities in yourself because they’re vital to your success. And you’ll need them in larger doses throughout the semester.

What’s in Your Backpack?

students-691671_1280Whether you’re returning to college with a backpack full of confidence or apprehension, there’s something useful for you here, so stick with me. Those of you who will start the new semester full of confidence, please help your fellow students by sharing any tips and advice you might have in the Reply section below. Indeed, part of being an Intentional Student is being a helpful member of your student community.

As you head back to class, keep in mind that college success is not just about academics: it’s also about attitude, persistence, and character. When you leverage all of these, you become intentional about your learning, and the habits and mindset gained will be of tremendous advantage to you also in life and work. The actions listed below, when done consistently and sincerely, will be truly transformative for you. Not only will they lead to deep self-awareness and control, they will also transform you into (cue superhero music) an Intentional Student.



Are you ready to . . .   

identify –> focus –> attack 


Get access to this transformative process here.
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